Whatever amount of weight you would like to lose I can help.

I have helped people with weight loss over the last 18 years.  The 6-week weight loss program using homeopathic drops has been the most popular way to lose weight quickly but healthily.  No shakes or food boxes to buy just real food and homeopathic drops to easily access your fat deposits.  You won’t feel hungry and the weight drops off quickly. Just read the stories from others who have already done the programme.

That last 10lbs!

I’m never hungry and my energy has improved drastically

“My update as of today is the diet and weight  loss is still working I’m at 123.4 lbs today. A loss of 9 lbs in 2 weeks. My energy is better this week and I have noticed a decline in sugar and carb cravings and I feel overall less hungry or hangry as they say, lol my clothes are starting to fit better and some are even getting loose!  My final weigh in is 121 lbs! I lost 11 lbs! I’m so happy with the results and feel very confident with the program and my new lifestyle that I will be able to maintain my new weight! I feel great and never hungry and my energy has improved drastically! Thanks Jude”!

It was so easy to lose weight with the drops.

“The drops worked miracles! Thank you so much. It was great to be accountable to somebody. I had tried for a long time on my own to lose the 10lbs and I can’t believe how easy it was on the drops, I am so glad I took the time to do this. I saw your advert in November – it took me a while to make my mind up!”

15lb to 20lb Weight Loss

No more hot flashes

I fit into my pants!

“16lbs lost in 3 weeks. I feel really good, lighter and I am thrilled with the programme. It is easy to follow and to fit in with other family members. I liked the routine and that it is real food. The drops stopped me from feeling hungry…. and the good news is ‘I fit into my pants’!”.

I’ve changed the way I think about food

“Weight lost – 16lbs. Hot flashes and night sweats gone. Energy increased and I feel great. The program helped me change the way I think about food and to make the necessary lifestyle changes to keep the weight off. I am very happy that I came to see you.”

The weight has gone from the places I wanted and my face looks fine.

“I have lost 12lbs and 7″ in 18 days. I am now down to a size 10! The homeopathic drops help burn away the fat from my hips, thighs, stomach and yet my face looks fine. I think you should stress that on the program you don’t feel hungry, you lose inches and pounds and you don’t end up looking gaunt.” These were Mona’s words during our check in consultation via skype.

My hot flashes and night sweats have gone!

“Weight lost – 16lbs
Hot flashes and night sweats gone
Energy increased and I feel great.
The program helped me change the way I think about food and to make the necessary lifestyle changes to keep the weight off. I am very happy that I came to see you”.

I was petrified of going hungry and it has not happened.

“I am absolutely amazed that I have lost 6lbs on my first week on the drops! I am shocked. I have tons of energy and I am realizing that I really don’t need to eat that much. Before I was petrified of going hungry or feeling weak and none of that has happened. I am so happy with my weight loss.“

Gayle lost 20lbs

I have kept the weight off.

“The weight has stayed off for over a year now. Something clicked in my mind about my relationship with food after having done your amazing weight loss programme.  I realised that I did not need all the food that I was eating before and that I could feel so amazing by eating healthier choices.  I knew what to do before but doing your program helped me put it into practice and to be accountable for my actions!  Thank you”.

45lb or more weight lost.

My weekly weigh-ins and Jude’s support kept me focused and accountable.

As of today, I am down 45lbs.  When I decided to try Jude’s diet for weigh loss I was suffering from hormonal imbalances (raging hot flashes and night sweats) and no longer had a slender/curvy figure but resembled that of a T.V. (my mid-section was thick and square).  The homeopathic drops curbed my hunger and made sticking to the diet very easy.  My weekly weigh-ins and Jude’s support and counselling kept me focused and accountable.  As the pounds rapidly disappeared, the hot flashes subsided, my curves returned, my dress size decreased and my self-esteem climbed.  I am now active, healthy and much more conscious of my nutritional needs.  Jude’s gentle encouragement, the drops and the food plan make it easy to stay on track.  I am so grateful to have access to Jude Corfield and her homeopathic remedies, her diet has literally changed my life.”

This is how much weight Ann has lost!

I was sick and tired of being over-weight.

“I have lost 60lbs in the last 4 months.  I started the programme because I felt sick and tired of being over-weight.  I felt self-loathing and cranky.  All of my clothes were too tight.  I was out of breath going up stairs and my joints were hurting.  I decided to try your programme and was determined to stick to it as I had paid and made a commitment to you and to myself. At 60lbs lighter I feel great both physically and emotionally, I now want  to go for a walk as I can breathe easier and my knees don’t hurt like before.

I don’t have the intense cravings that I used to.

I now have treats occasionally but I am enjoying eating healthy foods with cottage cheese and pineapple being my go to snack instead of a caramel latte.  I don’t have the intense cravings like I used to and I don’t feel as hungry.  In order to keep off the weight I am weighing myself weekly and stick to the plan that we outlined at my last appointment.

How can I help you?

Whether you would like to lose 60lbs or 10lbs I can help you to make the necessary changes and to keep the weight off.  Contact me with any questions or to make a booking.  Mention this blog to get a specially discounted price!  You won’t be disappointed and it’s easier than you think.  judehomeopath@live.ca