If you have come to a standstill while trying to lose weight try these 10 things.

1. Increase your water intake.

2. Increase your protein.

3. Check all your condiments for sugar, cut out all sugar.

4. Make sure there are no additives in your meat (most processed meats have additives).

5.  For women, if your period is coming, don’t worry your body is holding more water weight.

6. Consider adding some form of exercise that raises your heart rate.  This will increase your metabolism and may increase your rate of weight loss.

7. Remember when you have lost 10lbs your body will need less fuel to remain at that new weight so cut down a little on your food portions.

8.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep.

9.  Stress raises your cortisol levels which result in your body storing food to help you in what it thinks is a crisis.  Lower your cortisol levels with relaxation, exercise, yoga, deep breathing…..

10.  Try adding 2 tblsps of apple cider vinegar to your day.

I have been helping people lose weight healthily for over 18 years.  If you want accountability and a healthy plan then get in touch whatever way works for you.  My email is judehomeopath@live.ca