I have spent the last 15 years helping people to lose weight and keep it off.  Here are 3 of the common mistakes that people make.

1.  Believing Willpower will be enough.

When people learn which foods they should eat and which foods to avoid, they assume their willpower will keep them on track but our willpower is limited, we can run out of steam.  When this happens we can convince ourselves that we deserved that treat or that just that small indulgence won’t make a difference.

We are surrounded by temptations, meals out and special occasions.

2.  Underestimating the Addictive Power of Refined Foods.

Cocaine, heroin and sugar are all the essence of a plant (Coca leaves, poppy plant and sugar cane) that is refined and purified into a powder.  Flour is the essence of a grain that is refined and then purified into a white powder.  Sugar and flour is not really a food any more it is an “edible food-like substance”.  These substances release an unnatural flood of dopamine that hijacks the pleasure centers in the brain and cause cravings.

Processed foods light up the same addiction pathways in the brain as heroin and cocaine.  People crave sugar products like candy, chocolate and ice-cream plus flour products like bread, pasts and chips.  However, not everyone is equally susceptible. The same as we know that alcohol is addictive but plenty of people can have a drink now and again and not get hooked.

Many people when they are trying to lose weight underestimate the addictive properties of refined foods.

3.  Building in Exceptions.

Building in exceptions does not work.  It makes it harder.  It keeps your taste buds from learning to prefer real, wholesome food.  It keeps you hooked on those addictive foods. (some people can do it if they are at the ‘not susceptible” end of the spectrum. 

Sadly, for most of us, giving in to a craving has the opposite effect – it intensifies the craving.  One exception can lead to the what-the-hell effect and a flood of unrestrained eating.  I am sure many of you can relate to this.

So the huge big mistakes that almost everyone makes when they are trying to lose weight are relying on willpower, underestimating the addictive power of refined foods and indulging in a few treats. 

Losing weight and keeping it off is hard.

What is the Solution?

The 6 week healthy eating plan that I offer has boundaries and a plan that if you stick to it you will get good results.

It helps reduce your decision making process around food so that your willpower is not worn down.  You make decisions up front and stick to them.  You will use powerful tools such as planning, preparation and habit.

It is hard at first but once you have eliminated some of those refined foods you will no longer have cravings and it gets easier and easier.

So what is involved?

A healthy eating plan.

Homeopathic fat burning drops.

Weekly accountability sessions.

Shopping list.

82 pages of easy to prepare recipes.

Usual weight loss is between 15 and 20lbs.

Guidance for maintaining the weight loss for ever.

What should I do next?

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Or email judehomeopath@live.ca