4 Tips for Fast Weight Loss

1.  No excuses.

If you want fast weight loss then you have to be focused and determined and make every day of healthy eating count.  We live in a world of abundance to lose weight fast you have to acknowledge and accept that you need to eat less for a while.  Have a plan, know what your goal is and then get on with it.  No excuses – there is never a perfect time.  Now is a better than next week!

2.  We do not need 3 square meals a day.

Let go of the idea that you have to have a decent breakfast, lunch and supper.  It is okay to have one main meal and day and 2 smaller meals.  You will be fine.  Just eat real food and you will get all the nutrients you need and you will feel so much better.  Cut out the sugar for a while, it will make so much difference and will achieve fast weight loss.

3.  Eat real food.

Plan your meals ahead for 3 days.  Organise the salads and protein for lunch.  Cut up the celery and other veggies and fruit.  Be organised and plan ahead for the best results for healthy weight loss..  Don’t leave things to chance as chances are you will pick up a processed food instead of a healthy version.  You need to eat real food for fast weight loss.

4.  Be accountable.

If you check in with someone you are more likely to keep focused and achieve weight loss.  Otherwise another week will go by and then even a few years will go by with many “oh, I will start next Monday…!” By having someone to check in with for fast weight loss you will have a time frame and a goal.  We tend to achieve fast weight loss when we are accountable to someone else.

What to do:

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