Are you unhappy with not being the weight that you want to be? I can help.

If you need to lose 50lbs or just those last 10lbs then this plan will help you achieve your goals. Do you try to lose weight on your own but find it frustrating and you feel like nothing is working? My Clients say this to me before they do the 21 Day Quick Weight Loss Programme. Afterwards they say “I wish I had done this Weight Loss Programme a year ago. It is so much easier than I thought and it works so quickly. Thank you so much”. Now is the perfect time to give me a call 250 804 0104. If you find yourself wanting to lose weight, there is no better method than using the Homeopathic Weight Loss drops in order to drop weight quickly and easily.

The 21 day programme does not require exercise in order to lose weight.

If you find yourself already pressed for time, or just exhausted at the end of the day, then this diet is here to the rescue. The drops release stores of fat into the bloodstream to be used as energy throughout your day. Because the fat is released via the drops, there is no need to spend hours in the gym sweating away your precious free time. You can pick up the exercise and get fit after you have lost the weight. It is very difficult to exercise away the fat!!

The weight loss is extremely quick.

The protocol lasts only 21 days and elicits weight loss results from 10-20lbs. You will not find results like these outside of this programme with the possible exception of liposuction, and who wants that?

The Programme uses real food not packaged products that you have to pay extra for.

This Plan contains no starches or sugars and consists of lean proteins, vegetables and fruit. If you’ve been looking for a way to eat healthier, but weren’t sure where to turn, this is it. You will also get rid of those sugar cravings.

You will be able to maintain the weight loss.

Once you’re finished losing weight, you will find that you’ve acquired the knowledge necessary to continue eating a healthy, balanced diet in order to maintain your weight loss.

You will feel and look excellent!

The health benefits of losing weight are myriad. Weight loss has been shown to reduce the effects of type 2 diabetes in those who have been diagnosed, sometimes even eliminating them altogether. It’s easier to breath after losing weight as well. Also, your blood sugar levels will often stabilize and your risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes will be dramatically reduced. Plus you will be able to wear all those clothes that you have in your closet!!

Now is the perfect time to give me a call 250 804 0104.

You can come into the Clinic in person or arrange a Skype or phone consultation. Special price for bookings before September 16th 2016.
Jude Corfield R S Hom (NA)
Shuswap Homeopathy Clinic
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