7 tips below for healthy aging skin and look vibrant.

Though the skin’s ability to repair slows down with age, it does not stop!  To have healthy aging skin you need to provide your skin with the proper care, it is never too late to start to reap the rewards.  You can have healthy aging skin  by using the simple tips below.

Tip 1 Compressing

To obtain healthy aging skin we need to keep hydrated inside and out. Skin loses its moisture content as it ages so plenty of warm compresses are needed to stimulate circulation and hydrate. For more details on how to Compress download my free guide at the bottom of the page.

Tip 2 Cleansing

Mature/aging skin should only be cleansed once a day, preferably in the evenings.  In the morning just use a warm facial compress.  Milky or creamy cleansers are best.  Never use soap or abrasive scrubs!

Tip 3 Toning

Toning is optional.  If you use a toner, it must be designed for mature/aging skin or it can be too drying and harsh.

Tip 4 Moisturizing.

Aging skin needs all the benefits a good moisturizer can provide – effective active ingredients such as essential oils, a good humectant ( a substance that attracts moisture from the air) such as aloe or hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidant vitamins and herbs to fight free-radical damage, and oils for barrier protection.  Facial oils are not recommended for dry skin for regular use but can be used occasionally as a nutritive treatment.

Tip 5 Aromatherapy treatments.

Oils such as lavender, ylang ylang and geranium have a wonderful rejuvenating effect on the skin.  Do not put oils directly on your skin make sure they are in a moisturizer, cleanser or mask.  Hydrating and nourishing masks are excellent for mature/aging skin.  Do not use clay masks as they are too drying.

Tip 6 Eye Cream

It is very important to use a natural eye cream on a regular basis.

Tip 7 Misting

Misting is very helpful for maturing/aging skin especially if it used with a moisturizer that contains a humectant.  Misting hydrates the skin, and if used regularly, can reduce dryness and fine lines.

For more information on how to have healthy, glowing skin download my free information sheet at the bottom of this page.