Please help me I am concerned that when my son starts school that he will be labelled ‘ADHD’.  Can homeopathy help with ADHD?

Ethan is hyperactive, he cannot sit still so he gets wound up like a steam train.  His mother is very concerned that her Doctor will diagnose him with ADHD and put him on Ritalin.  Ethan does not know when to quit.  He gets lost in space and is so busy that he blocks everything out around him.  When he is excited he is literally vibrating, he runs everywhere and touches everything.  He is so curious.  When he gets in this state he will not listen to his mother and becomes disobedient and just will not do what his mother asks him to do.

He has temper tantrums and will occasionally hit out but is not usually aggressive.  He is a happy hurricane. His body is always hot – he burns like a furnace. Ethan is large for his age. In the night he thrashes around in bed.  A lovable child, very social and he makes friends easily.

What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common condition that causes inattention, hyperactivity/impulsivity, or both.

ADHD interferes with a child’s ability to:

  • regulate activity level (hyperactivity)
  • inhibit behaviour (impulsivity)
  • attend to the task at hand (inattention)

ADHD affects many areas of a child’s functioning, including:

  • self-control of behaviour
  • school achievement
  • development of social skills and positive relationships

Homeopathy for ADHD.

Homeopathy works wonderfully for children.  It is safe and easy to administer.  The remedies work by balancing out the symptoms on an emotional and physical level.  Each remedy is chosen by an experienced homeopath based on the child’s own unique symptoms. First appointments takes about an hour and a half so that the whole situation can be understood and the right homeopathic medicine selected in the correct potency.  This takes time and experience but the results are often like magic.  Once people have experienced homeopathic treatment they are usually life long supporters and chose homeopathy as their main form of medicine.

I gave Ethan the homeopathic remedy Sulphur.  A few days after taking the remedy he slept better and for longer.  His mother noted that during the last 3 weeks there have been subtle changes with Ethan.  He seems calmer and more loving.  He is eating better and is playing well with other children.

2 months later Ethan was much calmer and not so argumentative. He was happier dong things and playing by himself.   He was definitely improving in many ways.  His mother said “We took him on holiday and we could not believe it.  He did not act up before we went even though he knew ahead of time and he was calm and behaved.  We are so happy”.

Ethan settled well into School.  He is no longer hyperactive. The teachers liked him and considered him a normal, happy little boy!

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