“I get dressed up ready to go out and then I make excuses to stay in.  I am becoming a recluse because I am afraid to go outside.  It was very difficult for me to come to the Clinic today but I have to get some help. This anxiety has been developing over the last 6 years and it is getting worse.  Can homeopathy help”?

Meet Janice, an anxious, quiet, timid lady who crept into my office.  As she told her story she was holding her handbag up in front of her, as if for protection and her hands were constantly moving.  She was asking for help with her extreme anxiety that was severely limiting her functioning, her only pleasure was doing needlework and quilting. Janice said that she had to keep busy making things otherwise she may as well be dead.

I asked Janice to tell me more about how she was feeling.  She said that she felt guilty that she did not see her friends any more.  Headaches were a frequent occurrence and she suffered from constipation but had loose stools when she had to go out.

Janice was remorseful for some things that had happened in her life which she felt were her fault.  Sleeping was hard for her and she often had nightmares about being chased.  Janice did not want to take the Prozac and sleeping tablets that had been prescribed for her she was seeking a gentler way to heal herself.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety can be crippling. It is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.  This worry can seriously affect how we feel and behave and they can manifest as real symptoms.   Many people are feeling anxious right now with Covid and that state of the world.

Homeopathic solution

Homeopathic medicine can help with anxiety as it can be tailored to the individual reaction of each person.  Homeopathy can effectively help get your anxiety under control.

The homeopathic remedy that best matched Janice’s symptoms was Kali Bromatum. This wonderful medicine works like a charm when the patient is very anxious and also full of remorse.  Kali Bromatum is also noted as a remedy that covers a state where there is such restlessness that the hands have to be constantly busy for the person to feel calm!

At her first follow up Janice said that during the first week of taking the remedy she had a very bad headache and was sick however during the next week she started to feel better.  A few days later she actually wanted to go on a day trip out!  Her husband has been amazed at the improvements in her mood.

Janice brought some photos of some quilts that she had made with her to show me and I noticed that she would now look me in the eye and her hands were not so restless.  She said ‘Before everything was a mountain and now it does not seem so huge.  I feel now like I want to get back to doing some things and getting out more”.

A month later Janice’s husband came by to thank me personally for helping his wife feel so much better.   And that is why I love Homeopathy.  It can make such a difference in some one’s life.  If you are feeling anxious then don’t hesitate to come and see me.  Go to http://www.judecorfield.com and book an appointment