Healthy Skin

Is your skin feeling itchy or painful?

Do you sometimes feel embarrassed about how your skin condition makes you look?

Have you been told you have a condition like eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis?

Homeopathy can help

Over the years I’ve worked with many clients with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and have found that when we look at the complete picture of what is going it can heal much faster, and with lasting results.

More than just the physical symptoms

As a homeopath, I take into consideration not just your physical symptoms, but also your family medical history, your medical history, your nutritional intake and emotional stressors. This helps me to understand the big picture of why you are experiencing problems with your skin.

Finding the right approach for you

Working like a detective, I select an appropriate homeopathic medicine (from over 3,000 that are available) to stimulate your body to heal itself. As the body repairs and starts the healing process, your skin condition will improve.

We will also look at your lifestyle and diet together so we can eliminate any triggers that may be causing the skin condition. You’ll walk away with a skin care regime that will help you to make the best choices to promote healthy skin in the future.

I had facial acne that broke out on my chin and around my mouth the week before my period. I would also feel tired and moody.  I saw Jude for a Consultation and after being on a homeopathic for a couple of months my skin cleared up.  It has been clear now for 6 months and I feel so much better.  I have more energy and my moods are stable.  Thanks so much.


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