Life can be very varied and interesting as a homeopath. I do my best to go out for a walk early in the morning. I love to take photos of the beauty of Salmon Arm and although I must have posted 100’s of photos of the wharf no one seems to mind (thank you all my facebook followers). After a hot shower, breakfast plus checking my emails and messages I head to the office.

My Clinic is located in Askew’s Uptown.  (See photo above)  I feel very fortunate to be located here. It is a fabulous place, an ecological building housing a conventional supermarket with a health and wellness centre and a café. The staff are great and it is a busy place.

My first job is to catch up with all my phone calls, emails, Facebook messages and texts. (I love it when clients book directly online it makes life so much easier for me – thank you). My first client arrives she has a skin issue that needs homeopathic help as nothing else is working.  Just a quick tip here, I recently recommended L-Glutamine and it worked amazingly well for eczema.

Next is a lady who wants to lose weight and has a friend who lost 16lbs on my weight loss drops and food plan. I check that her health is good. We go through the 6 week plan and soon she is set up with a check in appointment booked for next week.

A few texts come in for remedy top ups or wanting to ask a question.  Next I have a phone consultation with a gentleman in Alberta who has digestive issues – after asking questions I do some research and work out a homeopathic remedy plus a supplement recommendation and package up a parcel for him.

Next is a facetime online consult with a lady in England who I have been working with off and on over the last few years. She has had some chronic health issues.

Time for a healthy lunch and a 20 minute walk in the fresh air. The afternoon is a mixture of appointments for weight loss, looking through someone’s supplements to make sure that they are taking the correct things, homeopathic consultations and research. I also try and put something interesting or motivational on my Facebook page daily.

I do my best to reach the post office (downtown) to take Express packages containing homeopathic remedies and instructions before 5:00pm. It can be a challenge so if your parcel is a day late you will know why!

I love that every day is different and nothing beats getting a thank you from someone who I have helped. There is always something new to learn (ongoing training is required and enjoyed to keep up my professional qualification with the North American Society of Homeopaths). It is great to see people in person and also to work with others online.  When I have any spare moments I can now connect with homeopaths all over the world through Facebook homeopathic groups. This is a huge plus to help with complicated cases and to feel connected to like-minded people.

Thanks to you all for being part of my day at some point in the last year or so.


Work with me

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Jude Corfield R S Hom (NA)