“My skin itches constantly. Can Homeopathy help?”.

Jack’s skin was itching constantly on his arms and legs.  It was driving him crazy.  He scratched constantly while he was in my office as his legs and arms were incredibly itchy.  Jack was very concerned  that it was spreading to his face and he was afraid of how he would look.

Prednisone treatments has been prescribed twice. Calamine lotion and antihistamines have also been used but nothing has helped ease his symptoms. Even experimenting with his diet and has eliminating most processed foods, milk, cheese and alcohol has not made a difference.  Jack is frustrated and hopes that Homeopathy can help.

The skin condition started after an operation to his hand.  Suddenly his skin became very itchy, swollen and there was a hardness to the skin.  It was worse if Jack had a hot shower but felt better if he washed with cool water.  Often he woke up in the night scratching and this lead to his skin bleeding.  Jack had never had this before or any other skin condition and he was very concerned about it

He said that he was normally a hot person but since the operation he had felt chillier.  Plus he had to put an extra blanket on the bed at night.  He was feeling very restless which was also unusual for him.

The medical profession had tried to help, he had seen a skin specialist but the cortisone cream he had been prescribed cleared it up a little but then it came back.

Homeopathic Solution.

Often an operation or a shock to the system of some kind can result in a skin breakout. Homeopathic remedies work wonderfully at putting the body back in balance and clearing the skin.  The remedies are chosen based on the exact symptoms of that particular patient taking into account the emotional and physical changes.  In Jack’s case the skin was itchy and he felt he had to scratch it.  Heat aggravated the skin but it felt better for cool dressings.  Peter’s new feelings of restlessness were also taken into account.

Rhus Tox was the chosen remedy and within 2 days of taking the homeopathic, Jack’s skin started to clear up.  The skin was clearing from his face and down his arms plus the itching was much less intense.  He was also not feeling so cold at night and felt more calm.  Within a couple of weeks his skin was clear.

It has been over 8 years now and Jack has had no re-occurrence of his itchy skin condition.

If you have a skin issue that is not improving book a Consultation.