“Tubby”, that is what my brothers called me!  I was always a little chubby as a child. I always tried to eat as much as my 2 older brothers and I had to eat quickly to keep up.  That’s my excuse for loving food and having a struggle with keeping to the weight that I would like to be.

As a teenager we all thought we were “fat” and wanted to look like Twiggy.  I know I had pictures of her glued to my bedroom wall! I went to a girl’s boarding school and we had no choice of what we were eating which was probably a good thing as the food was all freshly cooked.  We had a tuck room with our sweets locked inside, we could only access it at certain times, plus we only had a little pocket money which we spent on records so we certainly did not do a lot of snacking. (I feel ancient talking about this!).

In my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s I was always a little over weight but battled it by exercising.  I ran 50k trail runs, marathons and competed in Triathlons. It worked to some degree but I never felt slim although I look back at the photos and wish I was that size now! 

Then peri-menopause hit and things shifted a little the weight was creeping on.   ( I remember a client telling me that she was 120lbs in her 20’s, 130lbs in her 30’s, 140lbs in her 40’s and so on).  I was now going through menopause my weight had shifted from my hips to my tummy and I did not like feeling that muffin top. Time to do something about it.

I started on a diet, I wanted to be sensible and thought I would aim to lose 1lb a week.  But this was really hard as there was always some birthday, social event or reason to over eat and it was disheartening to get on the scale and not see it move.  A client of mine in Alberta contacted me saying that she had worked with a homeopath and lost a ton of weight and had kept it off using a healthy eating plan and homeopathic weight loss drops.  She said that I should definitely offer it to my clients. I asked her to send me the info. I looked at it and thought that is too strict and fast weight loss, was that a good idea? She said ‘try it’. 

I recruited 10 other people and we all did a trial for 6 weeks. It was amazing everyone lost between 12lbs to 20lbs and felt fantastic. People begged me to stay on it. I lost 14lbs and really liked the eating plan.  And so began my journey with the 6 week weight loss plan that I have been offering now in my clinic for 10 years. During that time I have done the program probably 5 times to keep my weight in check. I have gone on holiday and put on weight, I got sick and put on weight, I went to stay with my mum in England and put on weight……

Is it healthy to do this?  Personally I would rather do the 10 to 20lbs yoyo thing than gradually get heavier and heavier which I know is what would happen to me.  I love food, I love chocolate but I prefer to feel really healthy and be a comfortable weight for my height. When I put on the extra weight I can squeeze into my clothes and look reasonable but I feel uncomfortable and annoyed at myself for not having control over my eating.  When I go on the plan it resets my metabolism, I can focus, I feel more in control and I get out for my daily walk and get lots of cleaning and decluttering done.

For one reason or another my weight has crept up this winter by 12lbs.  I want to go back on my 6 week plan with the fat burning drops. Who wants to keep me accountable and do the plan with me?  I want to start soon. If you are interested message me on Facebook – m.me/judecorfieldhomeopathy or go online to my website www.judecorfield.com and book in using the online booking for the 6 week plan.  For $100 off use the code JUDE. You can come into the Clinic for appointments or we can work together online.

Jude Corfield R S Hom (NA)  judehomeopath@live.ca