Learn the best eating, exercise and lifestyle strategies – unique and personal to you through Nutrigenomix saliva testing

Nutrigenomix – eat and exercise according to your genes. Through my clinic – Shuswap Homeopathy http://www.shuswaphomeopathy.ca and Rocky Mountain Analytical http://www.rmalab.com in Calgary I can now test your saliva and provide you with a Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Report based on your genes.

I want to be in the best health that I can be so I sent off my saliva.

My Nutrigenomix results are here.  This is what I discovered:

Good news

I have no problems with caffeine and no risk of hypertension or heart attack from caffeine intake as long as I keep it to 400mg per day.

I am not lactose or gluten intolerant.  I am good at metabolizing starches.

I have an enhanced ability to sense fatty taste of food – guess that would explain the love of chocolate!

In order to be in optimum health I need to make the following changes:

Make sure I am taking in enough Vitamin A – Fish, Liver, Sweet Potato and carrots

B12 2.4 mcg daily Good food sources are clams, oysters, herring and nutritional yeast (maybe I will take a supplement to cover this one!)

Folate 400mcg’s daily – apparently my body does not utilize dietary folate as well as others.  Interesting as this give me an increased chance of heart disease and stroke (both my mother and father had a stroke).  Food sources are chicken liver, edamame, lentils, spinach and chick peas.  (Might supplement on this one too!).

Omega 3’s 1.24gms need daily – I should eat more fatty fish.  Maybe I will take a supplement for this too as I know I am not that keen on fatty fish and I obviously have not been eating enough.

Limit sodium as I have an increased risk of high blood pressure – so I shall keep an eye on my salt intake.

Increase protein

The best exercise for me based on Nutrigenomix testing:

I have a genetic advantage to excel at power sports – wish I had known that earlier I might have focused more on doing weights!

My motivation to exercise is typical.  Apparently I have an enhanced weight loss response from physical activity!  Maybe all this early morning swimming has been worthwhile.  I should do aerobic type exercise for 40 minutes 5 days a week plus 2 strength training workouts for optimum health.

An Achilles heel injury is a susceptibility for me (could have guessed that one) I need to do more calf stretches (think I have been told this in the past a few times!).  My pain tolerance levels are normal.

There is so much more useful information provided but I just wanted to give you a sample of my results and what changes I am about to make.  Research states that this is a way of preventing health problems in my future.  What could be better than that especially as I can continue with coffee and chocolate as always in moderation!!

How do I feel after reading my Nutrigenomix results.

I actually am really glad that I paid the money to do it.  Lots of things ring true and make sense to me.  I am definitely going to make the changes that are recommended as they are not difficult.  Let’s see how I am feeling in 6 months and how large my muscles have grown.  I actually went to the gym the morning after getting my analysis!

What to do if you are interested in Nutrigenomix saliva testing.

If you are interested in having your saliva tested contact me at Shuswap Homeopathic Clinic

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