How Homeopathy can help recovery after childbirth.

Susan came into the Clinic, worn out, anxious and tired.  She had a very difficult delivery with her daughter.  The placenta was retained and she was bleeding constantly.  An emergency D & C  7 ½ weeks after the birth only removed half of the placenta.

With pains still in her uterus, Susan was very tired and had no energy. She was worried that she would not feel any better and she was also feeling very anxious.  She became angry at the Doctors and her husband and just the slightest thing would set her off.  Plus she could not sleep at night even though she was exhausted.

The Doctors said there was nothing they could do so Susan sought help through Homeopathy.

Which Homeopathic remedy?

The homeopathic remedy that best matched how Susan was feeling emotionally and her physical symptoms was Secale Cornutum.  Secale Cornutum is derived from Ergot and contracts the muscles, blood vessels and uterus and therefore is useful in the delivery of stubborn placenta or of any resulting hemorrhage.

Susan was young and strong so I prescribed a 30ch potency, single split dose.


A few days after taking Secale Cornutum 30ch Susan had some heavy bleeding, lots of blood clots, dark blood and tissue being expelled.  She said there was lots of pain but it felt like everything was coming out and clearing.  On the 4th day Susan no longer had any pain and her energy was coming back.  She was very pleased.

Follow Up.

A year later Susan was pregnant again.  She said ‘I am having a great pregnancy, my friends and family can’t believe the difference compared to last time.  Thank goodness for Homeopathy!!”

If you feel you need some homeopathic help then contact me.