Tired but Wired

Often we cannot sleep as we are so stressed during the day that we can’t unwind at night.  We feel tired but we are wired!

Stress is the body’s heightened physiological response to stimuli, both good and bad. The adrenal glands secrete stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline that are associated with a range of effects on our minds and bodies, including a rapid rise in alertness, heart rate, and/or blood pressure. These hormones act together as a normal emergency response mechanism in response to a temporary stressful situation. However, frequent and sustained release of these hormones can result in a weakened immune response, an over-active and worried mind, and damage to our bodies’ tissues and systems.

What can help?

Nervine herbs can specifically help support the nervous system. Their varieties include tonics like skullcap, mildly calming herbs like catnip and chamomile, and stronger relaxants like valerian root and hops. They are used to help relieve normal muscle tension, circular thoughts, wakeful nights, and the occasional worry we all experience from time to time. Some of these herbs provide multiple nervine actions. Skullcap is one such herb: it helps reduce muscle tension, calm worried thoughts, and also nourishes the nervous system. Others, such as oat tops, are not necessarily noticeably relaxing to the physical body, but help support healthy nerve function with regular use. 

Adaptogenic herbs help restore overall balance and strengthen the functioning of the body.  They may help improve focus and support normal immune system functioning

They are be safe, non-toxic, and non-habit-forming, even when taken over a long period of time. When taken daily as a tea or extract, these herbs can help improve your mental functioning and allow your body to adapt more easily to stressful situations by curtailing an overactive adrenal response.  Chose from Maca to balance your energy and hormones, Ashwaganda for the Adrenals, if you wake at 3am and need a sugar boost at 3pm, you would likely benefit from this herb.  Moringa helps with mood stability and serotonin levels.  

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