Happy Clients

Mike Hall from Rust Valley Restorers

I have taken Homeopathic treatment from Jude at her Clinic and found it to be extremely helpful. The resolution of one problem area had a neat domino effect on other parts of my life too – truly holistic!


This plan has been one of the best, quickest, most effective, easy-to-follow, diets I’ve ever been on. I’ve been on a long list of every kind of diet you can think of!  The Diet Plan, along with commitment, good food, follow-up tips and support, helped me lose the 12 pounds I had put on and I’m still losing a few excess pounds. I had no withdrawals from all the sugar I’d been eating, cravings were quite rare and easily dismissed with the ability to have 2 fruits a day, and I slept through the night so much better. My energy levels and desire to “do” is back.

My husband has M.S. and he followed the diet with me, lost 15 pounds, and went from a walker/cane/long afternoon naps to walking up and down the stairs, shovelling, no naps, great sleep and never wants to go back to eating unhealthily again. He just feels too good to jeopardize it.
Give yourself time to make some of these recipes and then after the short 6-week program, you just won’t want to go back to your old way of eating  – it’s a mindset as well as feeling and looking so much better.
Diane and Ron, Feb 2022

You may not remember me but 4 years ago this month you mailed me my remedies. A few little white pills. I now know what was inside of them, years and years of study, training, and a heap of passion for helping others regain their health. I had Graves disease and thought that was where I was headed. You helped change all that. Thanks so much Jude.

David Parsons – Chilliwack, Canada

Jude is knowledgeable, thorough, and will find a remedy to help fit your specific needs, as best as she can. Plus she is such a warm, caring woman as well, which puts you at ease immediately so you are willing to share and answer some of those hard homeopathic questions that often come up when trying to find the remedy best suited for you! 🙂 I find her rates are fair, and honestly, when it comes to your health & wellness, it is money well spent! I have recommended Jude & homeopathy to many people and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to you also!!

Marieka Crum Zimmerman

I had facial acne that broke out on my chin and around my mouth the week before my period. I would also feel tired and moody.  I saw Jude for a Consultation and after being on a homeopathic for a couple of months my skin cleared up.  It has been clear now for 6 months and I feel so much better.  I have more energy and my moods are stable.  Thanks so much.


To mention Jude’s Clinic is to first mention the practitioner, Jude Corfield – competent, considerate, compassionate and always professional. Even though I have moved away from Salmon Arm and now reside in Nanaimo, Jude remains my first line of help regardless of the distance. Possessing a fifteen-year experience with this fascinating medicine (for one brief moment in time, I studied this modality in Vancouver). Regardless of what conclusions I come to on my own I rely on and trust Jude’s judgement – always! I remain fascinated by how a little pill knows exactly where to go – from a pain in my butt, to my right knee… from stopping a crying jag to giving me the confidence to ride in an elevator. Do I appreciated and make use of homeopathy as a system of healing – yes! Do I have a great practitioner in Jude? Yes. Unequivocally.

Moneca Graham