I have helped lots of people to lose weight and keep it off over the last 14 years. As a Homeopath I believe that there are many health benefits to being at a good weight that you feel happy and comfortable at. As we go through life, stresses and events can lead us to comfort eat and to put on more weight than we would like. My 6 week healthy weight loss plan is like a reset to get you back on track. It is simple to follow and very effective. Part of the plan includes some homeopathic weight loss drops, this is what my clients say:

Why do you like the drops?

I like the drops as not only do they reduce my appetite but they are also a reminder to keep me on track and not indulge in something that I don’t really want or need. Sometimes you can eat just because it’s there and not because you really want it. I know when I am on the drops I can’t have certain things and it helps to break bad eating cycles. 

What do you like about the food plan?

The first couple of days on the food plan are an adjustment for me and I might feel a bit hungry. After that I am fine. My challenge is making sure I get enough protein as I don’t eat meat. I find that cottage cheese is a great source of protein and is in good salads or with the fruit. 

It’s hard to cut out the carb vegetables. But once you do, you find that when you can eat them again, you eat less of them. 

Also, the meal plan is smaller portions, which helps to reduce your eating going forward. 

Why do you like this plan better than others that you have tried?

I have tried other methods to lose weight but I hate calorie counting and a lot of online programs don’t have Canadian product listed. You end up spending a lot of time updating their data bases or using incorrect information that someone else has entered. With other programs I never really lost weight, in fact with some I actually gained weight. One program I did years ago I did loose weight but it had a lot of soy and soy lecithin and I developed an allergy to it. Once I stopped eating their food, I slowly gained the weight back. 

How much weight have you lost on with this program?

I had lost about about 28 lbs in the spring of 2022, then I went on vacation! I didn’t really pay attention to what I was eating over the summer and gained a few lbs back. Overall I am still down about 22 lbs. I am going back on the drops to lose more weight. I also think it will help break the over eating cycle that happens over holiday season. 

Gerry B

The 6 week healthy weight loss plan with the homeopathic fat burning drops can be done individually or you can join an online group. Contact Jude for details at judehomeopath@live.ca

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