Do you know if your skin products are safe?

Sheila’s hair was falling out.  Her Doctor had no answers so he sent her into the Clinic to have a Hair Mineral Analysis. Sheila is 70 years old, has various health issues but nothing major. She is a feisty lady and wants to know why she has alopecia.

At my Clinic I offer Hair Mineral Analysis through Rocky Mountain Analytical Laboratories in Calgary  A small sample of clean, not colored hair is cut from close to the scalp and then analysed.  The results are very interesting.

The detailed Report shows basic essential elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, copper, manganese and so on.  Eating well is good, but if the food is not being properly absorbed by the body, there will be a deficiency in certain elements. Therefore I often recommended full spectrum digestive enzymes to my client so that their body can now break down the food properly resulting in improved absorption.

Toxic elements are also shown on the Report, many clients have had high levels of Cadmium and Nickel (if they have been smokers) and also Lead and Aluminum.  Sheila’s results were unusual in that she had the highest levels of Titanium that I had ever seen.

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Titanium toxicity

Sheila’s report stated “Titanium is well above the upper limit measured in clinically normal individuals.  Note that individuals with titanium-containing implants such as screws, plates and dental pegs will often have elevated levels of titanium in their hair.” Sheila did not have any implants so we looked for another source.  We found it…. titanium compounds are used in Cosmetics!   Sheila checked her daily foundation cream and it had titanium in it!

Most people in Salmon Arm show up for high levels of Uranium as it is in the groundwater here.  There are lots of things you can do to detoxify.  The Clinic offers many solutions depending on the individuals situation and degree of toxicity.  I have worked with many Clients to detox.  A year later we have taken another hair sample a year and have been happy with the changes.

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