Healthy, easy weight loss using Homeopathy.

This is Lottie.  I am proud of Lottie.  Lottie lost weight using the homeopathic weight loss drops. She is holding 20 lbs worth of books and this is how much weight she lost in 6 weeks.  No excuses from Lottie.  She stuck to the program and reported in each week.

Lottie was so delighted to feel lighter and  have more energy. As a result she is able to fit into some of the clothes that she had hiding in her closet.  Her words of advice are … ‘The Plan takes commitment and determination but take the plunge it is so worth it”.

Homeopathic weight Loss Drops

My goal at the Clinic is to help people feel their best and to be healthy. Individual needs are meet by various weight loss programs.  Lottie lost 20 lbs on the 6 week plan with homeopathic drops.  Years after doing the plan Clients have come up to me and told me that they have kept their weight off.  One Client’s husband teased me by saying he was upset as he had to buy his wife a new pair of skis as she was too light for the old ones!

Weight Loss Plan

This plan is based on healthy foods not on packaged products.  Clients learn to eat well and to recognize that they really don’t need the huge portions that we tend to eat in every day life.  Certain proteins, veggies, fruits and carbs are set out and the menu and recipes are provided.  Meals are easily prepared, nourishing and nutritious.  Most people don’t actually eat all the food they are allowed.  It is amazing how much better they feel after just a few days of clean eating.

The homeopathic drops help the body to access its stored fat reserves. Clients have said that this is the only plan that has got rid of their muffin tops.  Men, as well as women. have done really well on the drops however more protein is added if the guys are doing any manual work.

Quick weight loss

Weight falls off quickly in the first 3 weeks.  As you watch the lbs dropping on the scale it really helps you stay motivated.  After 3 weeks the plan changes to add more foods with the goal of maintaining the 15 to 20 lbs that you have lost.  The maintenance 3 weeks are critical to long term success.  If you maintain the weight lost for 3 weeks it will reset the body’s self regulating mechanism and that will be your new set point.  This never seems to be a problem for Clients as there are certain tricks during the 3 weeks that you can use.  Regular appointments in person, Skype or the phone help keep Clients on track.

This is the most popular and successful weight loss plan that I have used in the last 18 years because it works so well Clients beg me to go back on it (you have to wait a while if you want to repeat). If you are looking to be as healthy as possible and even if you only have 10 lbs to lose this is a great way to do it.  Take the time, make a commitment and connect with me at

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