Natural Weight Loss

Are you looking to lose that last stubborn 10lbs, or maybe 20+ lbs?

Would you like to slim down before a wedding or holiday?

Sick of endless diets and meal replacement shakes?

My clothes fit fantastically now and I am getting so many lovely compliments on how I am looking but the best thing is that I feel fantastic. I have energy to do all the things that I want to do and I feel so much happier.

I had so much energy I did not know what to do with it!  My sugar cravings disappeared and my hot flashes are now a thing of the past.  I am so happy.

I felt fantastic while I was doing this plan, lost weight quickly and by using the fat burning drops I did not feel hungry.  I only wish I had started the program earlier!

Whatever amount of weight you would like to lose I can help

You may be looking to lose just that last stubborn bit of weight after slimming down, or transform yourself by losing more than 20lbs.  Whatever you’d like to lose, I can help.

I have been helping people lose weight for 18 years with a simple whole foods health plan. No shakes or food boxes to buy just real food and homeopathic drops to easily access your fat deposits.  You won’t feel hungry and the weight drops off quickly

6 Week ‘quick fix’ with homeopathic fat loss drops

This is a very effective way to lose the weight fast and keep it off.

The plan consists of:

  • A 1-hour initial health check meeting, to ensure the plan is tailored specifically to your needs
  • Homeopathic fat burning drops which allow the body to access its fat stores more easily so that you do not feel hungry
  • 3 weeks of a healthy food plan within 82 pages of easy to make recipes for you to choose from
  • 3 maintenance weeks to ensure your lower weight is now your new set point.
  • Weekly check-ins with a specialist to ensure everything is going to plan and to answer any questions you may have.

Check out this quick video where I describe more about the programme: 

This is a fabulous way to lose inches before a special occasion. If you have tried every other way to lose weight and nothing seems to work, check this plan – It is amazing.

Most clients lose between 15 – 20lbs on this plan.  They feel better, have more energy and lose their sugar cravings.  It is the only diet plan that I have done that people beg me to be able to stay on it longer.  If you have got more weight to lose you can do this plan again after maintaining your new weight for the next 2 months.

Find out about Jeanne’s journey when she followed the programme and lost 20 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal weight loss for this programme?

During the 6 week programme most people lose 15lb to 20lbs.

Do I have to buy food or bar and shakes from you?

No, this plan is all real food that you purchase at your grocery store.

How are often are the appointments?

The appointments are weekly so that Jude can check that you are following the correct procedure and that you are feeling fine.

Do I have to come into your Clinic?

Appointments can be taken at Jude’s Clinic in Salmon Arm, by phone, Online with Skype, Facetime or your preferred method of contact

What do the Homeopathic drops do?

The Homeopathic drops allow the body to access its fat stores more easily so that you do not feel hungry

Do I have to exercise while on this plan?

During the first 21 days gentle exercise is okay but not necessary. During the 2nd 3 weeks then exercise can be increased.

Will this help stop my sugar cravings?

Yes, this plan works well to get rid of sugar cravings and to get you back on track with healthy eating

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What Our Clients Say

Mike Hall from Rust Valley Restorers

Before I started the program with Jude, I couldn’t get a handle on my weight. I tried all the diet fads and tried to stick to an exercise routine but wasn’t seeing any results. I had a family member tell me about plan and had great results so I figured why not give it a try, what do I have to lose?

I started the plan November 2019, found that the plan was pretty easy to stick too and did great. I first lost 25 pounds but I wasn’t going to stop there! I had a goal and was determined to reach it. I continued on Jude’s plan while giving a few months between each go and maintaining what I had lost.

As of this month, I can proudly say I hit my goal that I set with Jude when I first sat down with her and I can’t be more thrilled! A whole 75 pounds lighter and I am more aware what I eat and feeling a million times better. My energy, confidence and overall health increased for the better.  I couldn’t be more thankful for actually being able to stick to something and seeing the results. It’s definitely a lifestyle change and I highly recommend this plan.

Kayla Gooch (April 2021)

(Before I started my weight loss journey with Jude I felt helpless when it came to losing weight. I tried a variety of different diet ‘trends’ and felt like it was something I was doing wrong because nothing worked. When I went to Jude I was desperate to lose some weight and take back control of my health. It was amazing how quickly the weight came off and I felt so much better following the plan and eating healthy foods. I lost 13 pounds in total and my energy level improved as well.

Jude’s support is key to success, seeing her every week for a weigh in helped keep me motivated, she explained the process clearly and made me believe that I could really take back control of my health – and I did!

Whatever your reason, if you’re looking to lose some weight, I highly recommend working with Jude!

AH (November 20 2020)

The weight has stayed off for over a year now.  Something clicked in my mind about my relationship with food after having done your amazing weight loss programme.  I realised that I did not need all the food that I was eating before and that I could feel so amazing by eating healthier choices.  I knew what to do before but doing your program helped me put it into practice and to be accountable for my actions!  Thank you

Jude’s Homeopathic Weight Loss Program WORKS!! What’s great is it’s only 6 weeks and if you stick to it 100% the pounds come off fast. I have tried a few different weight loss programs, Jude’s is by far the quickest and healthiest I’ve experienced. You’re eating real foods and its so simple to follow.

As I am very grateful for the weight loss I’ve achieved, in addition I no longer have night sweats YAY! Jude is very knowledgable and helpful with other health issues as well and goes above and beyond to suggest a remedy for your needs. She has also helped me change my sleep pattern for the better. I’m way more energetic and confident. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone wanting to lose weight!

I feel FANTASTIC!! Thanks Jude!!


My final weigh in is 121 lbs! I lost 11 lbs! I’m so happy with the results and feel very confident with the program and my new lifestyle that I will be able to maintain my new weight! I feel great and never hungry and my energy has improved drastically!

Tess (at the end of her 21 day programme)

My husband and I entered Jude’s weight loss program in the spring of 2018. My goal for weight loss was 10 pounds and my husband hoped to shed 20 pounds. While prior to commencing, the program may have seemed a little daunting, it turned out to be easy to follow and comply with, even through spring camping trips.

At the end of the 6 weeks we had both overachieved our goals; my husband had lost 25 pound and I had lost 12 pounds. Most importantly, we felt great! Coming up on two years later I am pleased to report that I have kept the weight off! And I still feel great!

Jude’s consultation and support through the 6 week program really helped keep us on track and encouraged. I do not believe (and know from past experience) that any “do it ourselves” type of diet effort would have achieved the results we experienced over Jude’s 6 week program.


I worked with a colleague (thanks, Jude!) who introduced me to the homeopathic and nutritional programme to stimulate fat burning and to reset your body’s weight set point. I was skeptical, but also desperate to lose weight so I tried it and have not looked back.

So far I have personally lost over 10kg (22lbs), 2 dress sizes and feel so much more confident in my ability to regulate my eating and my weight by myself.

Keri Williams

My weight has always been a problem for me. My problem is that I LOVE chocolate, chips and wine…. but coupled with an excessive amount of stress, I was overweight. I reached my breaking point 2 years ago. After several years of incredible amounts of stress layers, my body was in crisis. I couldn’t walk down a hallway with out hanging onto the wall. My head was spinning so much I felt like I was going to pass out. After a myriad of tests including a CAT scan; a 24 hour heart monitor, a neurology specialist, and an MRI – nothing was wrong – but something wasn’t right.

After two unexpected losses of family members very dear to me; I decided I had to pay attention to what my body was telling me. I made a visit to Jude. She got me on an eating and exercise plan that worked for me; helped keep me on track through regular visits; and gave me the tools I needed to alter my eating and exercise habits. I am healthier today than I was 2 years ago.

My next goal is to lose the last 10 pounds to reach my ultimate goal. With Jude’s help… I will get there!

Kari Wilkinson

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and as a result of taking the medication I was prescribed, I put on over 35 lbs in about one year.  I went from 126 lbs to 164 lbs! No matter what I did I could not shed any of the weight over the next 3 years.  I was told by several “professionals” that the drug(s) had changed my metabolism and, as a result, unless I went off the medication, I would have to live with it. At 5ft 2″, the 35 extra pounds created numerous complications and restrictions for me……over and above having to deal with the PD. Very discouraging!

I knew about Jude’s weight loss program, but for some unknown reason I had not considered the homeopathic approach to this problem.  So I  met with Jude and, although she could not say for sure if the program would work considering the metabolism question, we decided it was worth a try. It worked!  I lost 15 lbs in the first 6 weeks and continued to lose another 5 lbs over the next month. Keeping within the guidelines generally speaking, I am now holding at around 135 lbs and feel so much better. Thank you Jude for your guidance and patience.

Dorothy Bird

Hi Jude, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all you’ve done for me. When I first came to see you I was 206lbs.  We head out on holiday in 3 days and I’m down again on the scale👏🏻.  I weighed myself this morning and I’m 155lbs😁.  I’m exactly 5 lbs away from the weight I was when I married my husband 20 years ago.  I’m continuing to eat very clean, no sugar, no junk and it’s paying off; huge.  I feel great and can head into the tropics not totally horrified at the idea of wearing a swimming costume. I no longer resemble the shape of my TV and for that I’m eternally grateful to yed to alter my eating and exercise habits. I am healthier today than I was 2 years ago.

My next goal is to lose the last 10 pounds to reach my ultimate goal. With Jude’s help… I will get there!

As of today, I am down 45 lbs.  When I decided to try Jude’s diet I was suffering from hormonal imbalances (raging hot flashes and night sweats) and no longer had a slender/curvy figure but resembled that of a T.V. (my mid-section was thick and square).  The homeopathic drops curbed my hunger and made sticking to the diet very easy.  My weekly weigh-ins and Jude’s support and counselling kept me focused and accountable.  As the pounds rapidly disappeared, the hot flashes subsided, my curves returned, my dress size decreased and my self-esteem climbed. I am now active, healthy and much more conscious of my nutritional needs. Jude’s gentle encouragement, the drops and the food plan make it easy to stay on track.  I am so grateful to have access to Jude Corfield and her homeopathic remedies; her diet has literally changed my life.